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Our Story

Wondering how MaxPawz was born?

Just like any other day, I decided to take my puppy out for a short walk. Weather was indeed getting colder in New York and everyone seemed to be getting ready for the winter. I looked out the window and at that moment, I shouted with joy "It's snowing out!". I was filled with excitement from the thought of walking my 6 months old puppy in the snow for the first time. Sidewalks were piled up with snow and I could see the trails of footsteps and cute paw marks alongside. 

My puppy (named "Munchy") also seemed to be very excited for his walk. Seeing and feeling the snow beneath his paws for the first time, Munchy started to sniff his way through the sidewalk. Both me and my puppy were enjoying our first day of walk in the snow until that moment when Munchy froze all of a sudden, denying to move or pull out his paws from the snow pile. His action literally stopped as if I had put on a "pause" mode to a movie scene or something. Not knowing what exactly was going on, I rushed towards him and slightly pulled the leash to give him the sign to move so that we can go back home. He denied and all he did was to give me that concerning look on his face looking right through my eyes signaling "something doesn't feel right". It was then when I realized something was not right. 

After making few more attempts to pull the leash, I stomped into the pile of snow that Munchy made his way through and picked him up. The next thing I saw was red colorings on the snow. Quickly thinking that it might be from Munchy's paws, I checked his paws and came to find out that there was a piece of sharp object that looked something like a broken piece of glass stuck onto one of his front paws. His paws were hard as rock and cold as ice and I immediately took him to the vet. Our morning started with joy and excitement on our first day of snow and our excitement vanished in less than 10 minutes into our walk. Thankfully, the wound did not appear to be very bad as the broken piece of glass did not penetrate too deep inside his paws. I was thankful to hear from the doctor that it will not take too long for Munchy's wound to heal and he would be able to walk normal in few days. 

The moment I came back from the vet, I started researching everywhere to look for dog boots that will protect my dog from any future injury. I bought and tried all types of boots out in the market but nothing seemed to really work. The boots that I purchased had all sorts of issues and at the end of the day, I just wanted a durable and reasonably priced dog boots that actually stayed on. I thought I wasn't looking for much from a boot but it was surprising how hard it was to find a decent dog boots out there that actually stayed on for long.  

I never knew that all this hassle I was going through to find the perfect dog boots for my puppy Munchy would mark the start of my new journey. 

With the goal of designing the "perfect boots" for all the dogs out there to provide the utmost protection and promote healthy paws, I have decided to create my own dog boots. After considering all types of issues and design flaws in the boots currently in the market, I was finally able to design and create a perfect boot that met all the criteria I was looking for. With that being said, I am excited to introduce MaxPawz boots to all dog owners out there. 

As a dog owner myself, I can say that MaxPawz will be one of your greatest investment you can make for your dog as a dog owner. 

"Say hello to MaxPawz and goodbye to paw injuries! Woof!"