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MaxPawz All Weather Dog Boots

The "ultimate" dog boots that STAY ON


The one and only dog boots that your furry friends will ever love to have 'em on for their everyday walks

what makes MaxPawz boots different from the other boots?


Exceptional Quality

Our boots are made out of breathable neoprene material that enhances ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Reflective velcro strap not only helps secure the boots in place but also adds an extra safety feature to our boots making perfect for any night walks.


Extreme Durability

MaxPawz Boots are waterproof making suitable for all year round wear. Boots are perfect for all weather that will protect your furry friends' paws from hot pavement in the summer and salt/chemicals/snows on the sidewalks during winter time.

Our boots are made with extra durable, non-skid rubber outsole making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

MaxPawz boots are carefully designed to provide the utmost comfort, safety, style and functionality.


Ultimate Comfort

The zipper and wide opening provides an extremely quick and easy solution to insert paws inside the boots. The tongue strip behind the zipper will prevent any furs from getting caught in the zipper.

Maxpawz boots have 3-step securing function (zipper, ankle cord lock, elastic velcro strap) that allows boots to STAY ON. You will never have to worry about searching for that one boot that went missing!

Stylish and Functional Non-Slip Waterproof All Weather Dog Boots

Testimonials from our customers

MaxPawz boots are perfect for hiking because of their solid bottoms and stay on through any hike because they are reinforced with a zipper, velcro and a pull tie cord lock. If you are looking for any boots for your dog for outdoor adventures, MaxPawz boot is the one!

We've tried a lot of different boots and so far, MaxPawz has been our favorite. We tried the ones that look like little water balloons, but were almost impossible to get onto the paws. We tried some fur lined ones that looked very cute, but came off in seconds. We tried some zip-up ones that looked hearty, but my dog chewed to pieces before we reached the front door.

MaxPawz are the most gorgeous dog boots I have ever seen. These boots were perfect for not slipping on floors and for rain or snow. They are all weather boots so my dog can wear all year long.